Maritime Payroll: OceanPay Payroll Card

The Client:  One of the largest onboard concessionaires in the cruise industry, with a staff of 2,500 on more than 130 ships across the globe.

The Problem:  Payroll onboard ships presents multiple challenges.  The Jones Act requires wages be paid in cash, but getting cash to ships and keeping it secure is a headache and security risk.  Current practice involves large cash shipments to ports around the world with bi-weekly FedEx® paper commission statements. On payday, cash from the ship purser was manually distributed to each employee, a time and productivity consuming process.

The Solution:  Brightwell Payments created the OceanPay payroll card to deliver payment aboard ships in a whole new way, in full compliance with the Jones Act and other regulations.

  • Direct deposit of all employee payrolls onto their personal cards.
  • Allows employees to convert their US Dollar-based deposits into 125 global currencies with the ability to wire those funds to any bank in the world without leaving the safety and security of their ship.
  • Permits employees to manage their funds from any computer, making purchases, paying bills and sending funds in multiple currencies to any company, friend or family member.

The Result:  The company saved a significant percent of their payroll cost by switching to Brightwell Payments' OceanPay. Plus, employees immediately realized the benefits and added security, since their OceanPay card is easily replaced if lost or stolen.