Payroll: Powercash Payroll Card

The Client:  A large staffing company specializing in agricultural workers.

The Problem:  Because many of their workers have irregular schedules, sometimes working on a day-to-day basis, the company needed a versatile payroll solution. They wanted a way to pay each worker immediately following a shift, but issuing check after check was becoming expensive - and workers were paying high check cashing fees.  They had looked, but other payroll debit card programs were not flexible enough to offer cost-effective solutions.

The Solution:  Brightwell Payments listened and adapted a payroll card program using a tailor-made electronic funding method. The company was able to provide its workers with instant access to wages through our Powercash Payroll Visa Card.

The Result:  Freed from the expense of checks, the company cut its annual payroll costs by $35 per worker - ultimately saving tens of thousands of dollars.