Brightwell Process

Prepaid Your Way

The reasons for adopting a prepaid program are myriad and as varied as the companies that choose them.  Finally there's a solution provider that gets it - and puts your goals up front and center. That's the Brightwell Payments difference.

At Brightwell Payments, we use a rigorous process to define your objectives and then build just the right program to meet each of your goals.

Learn - using a consultative approach, we explore your business, absorb your culture and discover your challenges, determining where a prepaid program might assist in meeting your goals.  Drawing on our experience, we can help set realistic expectations for program ROI, adoption rates, etc. so you can be sure your initiative will reach its objectives.

Design - drawing on our proven track record of working with organizations and their end users, Brightwell Payments creates a solution to successfully meet the objectives set.  We handle everything from card order through compliance while working hand-in-hand with your team.

Build - Brightwell Payments' experienced team assembles the right combination of tools, materials, and technology to ensure your program meets or exceeds the benchmarks set.

Deploy - our proven implementation methodology, experienced employees and partners step in to train your staff and deliver a seamless program that's primed to flourish.

Support - while you and your end users enjoy 24/7 assistance with issues, you will have a consistent, single point of contact throughout the process, ensuring the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

In sum, Brightwell Payments has the team and experience to deliver prepaid card solutions that exceed your expectations, every time.