Why Prepaid?

Prepaid Leading the Way

The exponential growth in prepaid cards is testament to the versatility and utility they offer both the companies that use them and the card recipients.  Offering the prestige of cards with the practicality of cash, their use is becoming pervasive as organizations seek ways to lower costs and deliver greater value to employees and customers.

Cut Costs

Prepaid cards reduce administrative expenses associated with payroll and rewards programs.  By issuing cards rather than checks, firms save the cost of generating the checks, and avoid the hassles of replacing them if lost/stolen.  Cards also offer added security for both the issuer and recipient. Brightwell Payments' card programs are designed for each client's unique situation, providing them with a prepaid answer to address cost issues and increase profitability.

Save Time

Issuing cards is faster for you and for the end user.  The administrative portal gives you all the tools you need to issue cards, account for inventory and track usage.  You can even plug the portal right into your back office system so that card issuance and reporting is seamless.  Your employees and customers save time as their cards can be used just like cash anywhere the Visa® or MasterCard® debit cards are accepted and at thousand of ATMs worldwide. There's no longer a need to stop by the bank to cash checks or transfer funds as their personalized web access lets them administer their card funds 24/7 from any internet connected device.  By listening to your requirements and then devising the perfect prepaid solution, Brightwell Payments saves you and your card users time.

Enhance Loyalty

Rebates are an effective way to get customers to buy once, but issuing rebates/rewards using branded prepaid is a way to keep them coming back.  The cards act just like cash, are more convenient than checks and will constantly remind your customers of your brand, making them an all around winner.  Brightwell Payments has the right solution for you, whether you're using award cards to enhance loyalty or want to explore prepaid as a way to increase consumer traffic, customer repeat business, cross-selling opportunities and overall revenue.

Deliver Versatility

With prepaid cards, there's no application and no waiting, giving your customers or employees immediate access to their funds.  Yet the cards give them the ability to manage their card balances through a web access application.  In addition, cards can be personalized or instant issue - in other words, you can trust Brightwell Payments to design the right solution to meet your business challenges.

Improve Cash Management

End-to-end prepaid card solutions offer organizations a viable and flexible alternative to maintaining large cash balances for employee wages, benefit programs and rewards/incentives.  Brightwell Payments' clients enjoy the convenience of prepaid, trusting Brightwell to design the marketing, fulfillment and reporting programs to make their card initiative a complete success.